Brewery Maintenance and Brewery Audits by AMS brewey consultants ensure continous production, while increasing your efficiency and KPI´s.


Are you running at full capacity and require technical assistance and brewery maintenance support?
Brewery Maintenance and Brewery Audits ensure continous production, while increasing your efficiency and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Our comprehensive pool of multidisciplinary brewery consultants has enabled AMS to cooperate successfully in more than 30 countries with clients in the beverage industry.


  • Careful and comprehensive brewery audits executed in co-operation with the client to identify specific requirements
  • Provision of a continuous technical back-up and spare part service system for the production facilities
  • Development of appropriate concepts for long-term investment programmes and CAPEX planning
  • AMS brewery consultants take a holistic view


Whatever you need, we assign the right brewery consultants to your production site, carefully analysing operations, reviewing production reports, monitoring machines, capturing technical issues and collecting all findings during interviews with operators and maintenance team onsite.
All data are subsequently processed and summarized within the AMS AUDIT REPORT providing clear maintenance instructions, improvement areas, and project proposals.


The AMS AUDIT REPORT is the basis for procurement and maintenance. Our support team prepares comprehensive machinery, equipment and spare part proposals which could be sourced via AMS or suitable suppliers. Applicable OEM maintenance procedures will be always considered.
Once proposed machinery, equipment and spare parts are on site, AMS assigns brewery specialists to implement all measures from the audit report. AMS beverage specialists work closely with your operators and maintenance team to ensure full know-how transfer. Our target is to enable your personnel to become self-sufficient in the medium term.
We propose to conduct the AMS AUDIT six months prior to end of peak season before peak season. The AMS PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE TEAM would be scheduled thereafter during low season.


    AMS brewery consultants conduct in-depth technical audit of
    mechanical conveyors:
  • elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, tubular chain conveyors
  • cleaning machines:
  • screens, drum screens, destoners, air classifiers, magnet units
  • dedusting:
  • filter housings, point-filters, push-in-filters
  • silos:
  • profile walls silos, round silos, textile silos, grist bins, batch hoppers
  • silo accessories:
  • outlet slides, power slides, level indicators, temperature measuring devices, discharge devises, dosing screws, vibration discharge, rotary valves
  • weighing:
  • bulk scales, flow scales, load cells
  • grinding and crushing plants:
  • 2-roller mills, 4-roller mills, 6-roller mills, malt humidification units, hammer mills, lump breakers
  • pipe components:
  • pipes for product run, pipes for dedusting, powder coated, galvanized or stainless steel


AMS brewery consultants conduct in-depth production audit of mash mixer, cereal cooker, lauter tun, mash filter, kettle, whirlpool, wort cooler, hot and cold brewing tanks, trub handling, spent grains handling, heat recovery systems, wort stripping, pumps, piping systems, valves, instrumentation and controls, yeast management, yeast propagation, fermentation and maturation tanks, filtration, bright beer tanks, carbonization, high-gravity blending, CIP systems


Whether RGB, CAN, PET or KEG line, the AMS performance test at the filler allows an identification of critical issues impacting the line performance and operation of the plant in general.
AMS brewery consultants conduct in-depth packaging audit of single-unit conveyors (RGB, CAN, PET) or container conveyors (crates, cartons, trays), depalletizer, decrater, crate rinser, crate washer, bottle washer, empty and full bottle inspector, filler, crowner, crown-cork feeder, tunnel or flash pasteurizer, labeller, coder, crater, palletizer, gravity rinser, packer


AMS brewery consultants conduct in-depth utilities audits of
  • Steam and condensate systems, boilers, deaerators, steam & condensate piping, including control valves, steam traps, vacuum breakers, air vents and condensate return systems.
  • Ammonia refrigeration systems, Reciprocating, twin-screw, mono-screw compressors, variable speed control, condensers CO2 recovery, distribution, storage.
  • Water management from fresh water treatment, water recovery, minimized water consumption, waste water treatment and discharge.
  • Electricity generation, high- medium- and low-voltage distribution, exploring energy saving potentials, minimizing energy consumption.


Taking over an existing plant or rehabilitating a standstill production facility. AMS PLANT AUDIT provides you with an expert opinion of machinery, equipment, process and production. Depending on our assignment we assess all plant departments in detail and even assess processes, existing know-how and procedures.


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